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Garson, G. D. (2015). Ethnographic Research. Asheboro, NC: Statistical Associates Publishers.

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About the author
Table of Contents
ISBN-10: 1626380368
ISBN-13: 978-1-62638-036-3
ASIN number: B007V48XDY
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A brief graduate-level introduction to ethnography and ethnographic research.

The new 2015 edition features ...

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Below is the unformatted table of contents.

Overview	5
Key Concepts and Terms	6
The ethnographic method	6
Overview	6
Definitions	6
Types of ethnographic methods	7
The research environment	10
Roles of the researcher	10
Immersion	12
Situational reduction	13
Cultural patterning	13
Ethical considerations	14
Theory	15
Cognitive theory	16
Phenomenology	16
Symbolic interactionism	17
Other theories	20
Data gathering methods	20
Overview	20
Field notes, observation, and reflection	21
Field interviews	23
Participant observation	27
Photo elicitation	27
Other types of elicitation	28
Go-alongs	29
Case studies	30
Archival and artifact research	30
Internet research	31
Focus groups	33
Friendship	34
Data gathering strategies	35
Overview	35
Developing typologies and taxonomies	35
Analytic induction	37
Constant comparisons	38
Domain analysis	39
Diagrammatic analysis	40
Linguistic analysis	41
Data processing methods	44
Coding	44
Sorting and pattern recognition	44
Identifying outliers	45
Other methods	45
Assumptions	46
Assumptions about observation time	46
Assumptions about culture	46
Assumptions about individuals	47
Assumptions about the ethnographer	47
Epistemological assumptions	47
Frequently Asked Questions	47
Isn't ethnography a subjective rather than scientific social science research method?	47
Into what epistemological tradition does ethnography fall?	48
What sorts of questions to ethnographers ask?	49
How do I gain research access in the first place?	50
What considerations go into recruiting and training the ethnographic research team?	52
What software do ethnographic researchers use?	53
What is mobile ethnography?	56
What is rapid ethnographic assessment?	57
What are the Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)?	59
Acknowledgment	59
Bibliography	60
Pagecount: 75