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Note: Please obtain the current e-book if an erratum below affects your work or study. All errata are corrected in current versions of e-books (those with a "Last updated" date on or later than an erratum date below. Update dates are found at the end of each volume.

5/29/2014: "Cox Regression". Sentence changed on p. 54 to read, ". Since higher hazard means sooner ratification, large states take the fewest and medium states the most days, controlling for other variables in the model."
9/27/2012: Change in interpretation of non-significance in the lack-of-fit test page of "Univariate GLM" e-book.


             Data for Chapters 1-5 (Garson)(zip file, 868 kb)
Data for Chapter 6 (Lane)
* Data for Chapter 7 (Shafto & Adelson): These data have not yet been released for general use and are not available.
* Data for Chapter 8 (Palardy): The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study Kindergarten Cohort (ECLS-K) was used. It is freely available from the National Center for Educational Statistics at
* Data for Chapter 9 (Neupert):
* Data for Chapter 10 (Greenberg & Phillips): Greenberg_Phillips_HLM_Ch10_robbery_data.sav
* Data for Chapter 11 (Maerten-Rivera). Request data by email from Jaime Maerten-Rivera, University of Miami, P-SELL Project,
* Data for Chapter 13 (Patterson): Due to U. S. privacy laws, this College Board dataset cannot be distributed.
* Data for Chapter 14 (Leckie): The url's to the data are in the chapter with access information and instructions how to load the data into Stata.
* Data for Chapter 15 (Brant): These data have not yet been released for general use and are not available.

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